Queen of Martyrs, 3550 W. 103rd St. in Evergreen Park, Illinois will be hosting bingo every Thursday evening (except holidays) beginning January 10. 2019.  Bingo is held in Vitha Hall (gym).   Doors open at 5pm, Bingo starts at 7pm.  There is a guaranteed $2,250 payout in prizes each week.  We offer computer, iPad and paper bingo cards.  Pull-tabs are also available for purchase. We offer a  kitchen with food and pop available for purchase.  We hope you will join us!  Call 708-423-8110 for more information.

    Bingo Thursday Nights When was the last time you went out to catch up with friends and came home with $5000.00? Come out and play BINGO! We have a great kitchen or you can bring your own snacks. The numbers in the $5,000.00 Tic Tac Raffle are getting low, so you have a greater chance of winning the $5,000.00 pot. Every week there is a guaranteed payout of $2,250.00 in prizes.

    Would you consider being a BINGO volunteer? We have had some great volunteeers come out already, but we need to set up something more consistent. We would like to set up 4 teams of 4 people or 16 total. This would be ideal because each person would only have to volunteer once a month for 2 hours and they could work the same job each time. It is a great way to give back and to get to know others in your community. Plus it is also a lot of fun. We are looking for 2 people, per week, to sell bingo cards from 5:00-7:00 pm, and 2 people, per week, in the audience to verify winning bingos from 7:00-9:00 pm.

    Bingo is a very important aspect of fundraising at Queen of Martyrs. Coming up with the money to replace the funds it brings in is not something we would like to visit.  So please come in and play and/or consider being a regular volunteer!

    Thank you.