• Queen of Martyrs School


     The mission of Queen of Martyrs School is to serve our students by educating the whole child through a balanced program which serves students physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically.   


    Philosophy of Education 

    Queen of Martyrs is a diverse Catholic Elementary School serving the Mount Greenwood, Evergreen Park, and surrounding neighborhoods.  We exist to provide spiritual enrichment and faithful service to meet the needs of our students, parishioners, and the community at large.  We prepare our students through academic rigor and compassionate guidance. We strive to develop self-discipline and respect for the learning process in each student.  We cultivate responsible critical thinkers and support them in achieving educational success. We empower our students to employ their Catholic values and develop their unique abilities to live and lead in our ever-changing world.  


    Root Beliefs 

    • God is in all things. 


    • Together, we are a family. 


    • Faith and Knowledge are our foundation. 


    • Education is a progressive journey. 


    • We partner with parents who are the primary educators of morals, faith, manners, values, and responsibility. 


    • We believe that all actions should reflect the teachings of Christ. 


    • We believe that all children deserve a peaceful and safe learning environment.