• Math 

    Homework  & Grading Policy

    7th & 8th Grade


     Absence: -When you are absent from this class, it is your responsibility to make sure you make-up all the work, including homework, daily notes, class work, tests, or quizzes.  Come in early  (7:15) if you need extra help.  Send an e-mail if you do not understand something.

    Tests and Quizzes are a means of indicating how much knowledge you have acquired to date.  If you miss a test or quiz, you are responsible for making it up on the day you return.  You may come in at 7:15 A.M. or stay after school to make up the test.

     Homework -Daily work consisting of class/home notes and homework problems will be collected daily.  Each day I will update my Teacher Website with the homework required to complete for the next day. All work in math should be done in pencil. Only loose leaf will be accepted for homework assignments.  Label homework with name, date, page, and assignment.  Upon return of each assignment you will organize them in order according to chapters for study purposes.  All work should remain in your binder.

     Show Your Work.  Write down the problem and all the steps that indicate your process in a neat and orderly manner.  Make sure to show any diagram or figures that illustrate or explain the problem.  Circle your final answer Your class corrections will be done in red.  Write the number wrong at the top of the paper. If you do not follow directions, have forgotten to draw figures, have a messy, incomplete or disorganized paper then you will not receive total credit for the assignment.

    Supply List: 1 inch Binder (I will provide the dividers.), graph & loose leaf paper, pencils, red pens, highlighter, pencil sharpener, ruler, and calculator.                                        

    Grading Policy: Trimester grades will be determined by averaging the following:

    Algebra, Course 2, & Course 3:Tests=50%, Homework and Classwork=25%, Quizzes=25%

    High School Algebra: Queen of Martyrs Class: 10%, High School Grade : 90%

    “I am looking forward to being your teacher this year. It’s going to be a great year of learning…with many challenges along the way.”

     Teacher: Lois M. Kettering


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