6th Grade Homework

    Week of May 25 **This is my student appreciation week--with not much HW!!!  Thanks for doing your elearning work and for keeping up with everything--I appreciate you!!!  

      **In addition to here, Please check google classroom daily for additional assignments; some have work attached(google docs) for you to complete!**

    **Any Google classroom assignments that have PDF's attached can be printed out by your parents.  If I do not include a google doc for you, You may either have your parents print it out, write your answers on it, and send it to me; create your own google doc. with your answers to send me; or have your parents take a picture of your work to send me.  If you create your own, please be sure to put topic on it and name/date**  

        ***Also check Miss Mohr's and all your special teachers' pages for their assignments!*** 

    These are just suggestions for daily work; please make sure I receive all assignments in bold by 3 PM on the day they are due.  All assignments for the week are also due by 3PM this Thursday unless a specific date is given.  Save all work! 




    ** Please see books in bold that need to be returned to school when you come to pick up your things--don't forget to bring a backpack/bags with you!!  Can't wait to see you(in your mask, though)!**

    **This is my student appreciation week--with not much HW!!!  Thanks for doing your elearning work and for keeping up with everything--I appreciate you!!!    


    This week--Ch. 9-10 in Family Life Book--no activities!

    M OFF

      Read Family Life by Thurs.

    T Go to the "Helpful Resources" page on my site and find 'Weekly Reading for Mass'--find the the gospel for  Sunday(5/31)--read it.

     **Google meeting today at 1:30--watch for link in google classroom--different time**

    W read Family Life

    TT Read Family Life lessons 9 and 10 by now--congrats on finishing the book--            **PLEASE BRING FAMILY LIFE BOOK TO SCHOOL WHEN RETURNING BOOKS**

    F Pray daily!!! Write down things for gratitude journal




    T Go to Mrs. Malloy's google classroom to see the Memory Slides of 2109-2020 project(really just a survey!) due Thursday--you do NOT need to include pictures unless you want to...you MUST include words!!  This counts for science!  Also, please take the Lab Learner Survey found in google classroom--answer honestly, please!!!

    W work on project/survey

     TT Mrs. Malloy's google project due/Lab learner survey due

    F take the day off of science work!  Go outside and play!


    Reading **Independently read every night--at least 20 min.l**  


    M                                                                                             **BRING THE OUTSIDERS BOOK BACK TO SCHOOL**

    T book report in google due Wed.(assigned 2 weeks ago)

    W book report due




    Vocab. --Unit 14 (no need to send me work)                                                                 **BRING YOUR VOCABULARY BOOK BACK TO SCHOOL**


    T Completing the sentences, book pp. 181-182--odd only! 

    W Do p. 183 

    TT If you want, Go to "Helpful Resources" and find Vocabulary Help--play some games on Unit 14--no need to send me anything



    English-  (no need to send work)                                                                                        **BRING ENGLISH BOOK BACK TO SCHOOL**


    T read pp. 383 and385 on comparing adjectives; dp p. 384 Ex. 6 1-5 and p. 386 Ex. 8 1-5--due by Thursday

    W work on above

    TT complete work

     F                                                                                             **DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR SS AND MATH BOOK BACK, TOO!**

     This week, Please make sure all work is done by Thursday at 3PM, unless it has a due date given!!!   All late work MUST be in by Wed.

     Have a great week!