• Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. Working together and communication is the best way to help all of us in being successful and helping your child reach his/her highest potential.

    Email:    mpedersen@qmschool.com


    Website and Powerschool

                Listed on my teacher website, you will find announcements, upcoming events, daily homework, information about what we are working on for the week, and a link to the Scholastic Books on-line ordering. To access my webpage, log on to the Queen of Martyrs website, click the link for Faculty and Staff, then click directly on my name.                 

                Assignments will be updated daily and grades will be updated in Powerschool weekly. Please check your child’s grades and watch for the work to be returned to them. I try to return work within a week of it being turned in. If there are questions or concerns, please contact me, and we will discuss the matter. I urge you to not wait until the end of the trimester to check Powerschool, as so there are no surprises in grades before progress reports or report cards are sent out.


                I believe in holding high expectations of my students, regardless of age or ability. It is my belief that all students can learn. The way each student learns and the time frame in which they learn material may differ, but I have always felt that with the proper time, encouragement, and patience, students will “get it”. I have always told my students that saying “I can’t,” is not acceptable and instead they must have the attitude that they will try. This correlates with having a “growth mindset”, which says that we can always be learning more. Our intelligence is not of a “fixed mindset”, where we are limited by how smart we are or can become.

                Also, I want to work together with you and your child to find the best way to help them and keep them engaged with their own learning. Please do not hesitate to let me know and/or make me aware of any issues or concerns that may impact your child’s learning or behavior within the classroom.

    Positive Behavior

                We will still be doing the school-wide positive behavior incentive of “paw-some” cards and stamps. Students who go above and beyond will be given a paw print stamp on a card, labeled with their name. Once they reach 25 stamps, they may turn in their “paw-some” card to the office. This will allow them to participate in a celebration of “paw-some” students at the end of each trimester, as well as, have them entered into a raffle for prizes.

    In addition, I feel it is important that students learn to work together as a team to make our classroom run smoothly, and to have them feel as comfortable and safe as possible. With that being said, one way I reward the class as a whole for working together is with a BINGO board. They can earn BINGO squares in a variety of ways. Having exceptional behavior, showing respect at all times, being flexible when the schedule changes, cooperation and working together, as well as, going above and beyond what is expected are just some of the ways the class can receive a square. Once a BINGO has been made, the whole class will be rewarded with some “free time”.


    They are as follows:

    1. Be respectful, use kind words, and include everyone.
    2. Be respectful of classroom and other’s supplies.
    3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    4. Worry about yourself and make good choices.
    5. Always try your best and have fun!

    Discipline Plan

                Although I do not foresee any problems arising during the school day, I also have a discipline plan in place. This is to serve as a reminder to students when they need to think about their actions and behavior during the school day. All will start the day on “green”. If at any time a student needs more than 1 warning to change a behavior, he/she will be asked to move their clip to “yellow”. This serves as a visual reminder that what he/she is doing is not acceptable within the classroom and, also, is not being respectful of other’s learning. A student MAY move back up to “green” if I notice that behaviors have changed and he/she has made a conscious effort to get back on task and focus throughout the day. However, if behaviors continue to become an issue, a student may then move to “orange”, the student and I will discuss the behavior and work to fix it together. If there still is no effort to change and correct behaviors or disruptions, they will be move their clip to “red”. This will result in parent contact.

    Assignment Books

                Each student should purchase an assignment book.  I will expect them to write in this book on a daily basis, as I will be checking them daily.  We will take time each day to write down any assignments or information that is important for them to remember.  Please check your child’s assignment book daily.  On days when there is no “written” work, please realize that reading independently and studying for tests and quizzes is part of their homework. This will also serve as a guide for planning long-term assignments and projects so there will be no “surprises” of when work is due. My rule is that whatever I write on the assignment board, they must also write down, even if the work has been completed and/or turned in. It serves as a check for both the student and parents to see what need to be done or has been completed.

    Homework Policy

    Homework is used to enhance a lesson or practice skills essential to learning new or important material. Therefore, most homework that is sent home will be on material that has already been covered and discussed in class. It is important for assignments to be completed correctly and on time! Unless otherwise stated or written in the student’s assignment notebook, homework is due the next day in class. Homework will be posted daily on my website, in the event that a student forgets their assignment notebook or reminders are needed. Missing homework will be dealt with on a personal basis, and unless it becomes a habit, I will work with students who need reminders regarding completing homework when due.

                Also, I expect that homework will be done by the students, themselves. If there is an issue with an assignment, please either write a note on that assignment or send me an email. As parents, there will be times where it may be easier to just do the work for your child or give them answers, however, this is a detriment to their learning. It is important for me to know what your child knows and what needs to be re-taught or explained differently.

    If your child is absent, a one-day pardon for each day he/she was out will be applied. We will work together throughout the year to make your child accountable for finding out what was missed in class. I am happy to send the homework home with a sibling or friend, if asked. Please remember that I may not have missed work available until the end of the day, as I will be teaching. Also, if your family will be taking a vacation, I ask for appropriate notice for planning purposes. Please understand that most learning experiences and assignments will occur within the classroom but I will do my best to send home those assignments that can be done while absent.



                Tuesday:                    Mass 






    Grading Scale

    A+       100                 B+        91-92              C+        83-84              D+       75-76               F         0-69

    A         96-99              B          88-90               C          79-82              D         72-74

    A-        93-96              B-         85-87              C-         77-78              D-        70-71


    Homework Help/Tutoring

                If there is ever a need for your child to receive extra help on an assignment or subject, please get in touch with me. I am more than willing to set up days and times for your child to receive the additional help and instruction needed on a one-on-one level. Also, if needed, we can work together, with our resource teacher, to determine if additional services could be utilized.


    Scholastic Books

                Every month I will send home flyers from Scholastic Book Club where you may place an order to purchase books for your child. This is a great way to create a personal library at home with books your child is interested in. Reading is a huge part of education and the more children read, the better they become at all subjects. You are in no way obligated to purchase books each month, however, the orders that you place directly help me to earn points.  I, in turn, can use the points to purchase new books for our classroom library. Students have always loved when the new books arrive and I show them what new reads there are for them to explore. Ordering can be done by returning the flyers and payment to me by the due date or by placing an order online. Information and reminders will come home each month with the flyers regarding purchases and payment information.

    3rd Grade Curriculum


                            Text/Workbook: RCL Benziger Blest Are We 2010

                                        Concepts:          The Church is One (Holy Spirit Guides Us, Sacraments of Christian Initiation)

                                                                The Church is Holy (Forgiveness, Healing, Reconciliation)

                                                                The Church is Catholic (Welcoming All, Mass, Service)

                                                                The Church is Apostolic (Share the Good News, Sacraments)

                                                                The Church Has a Mission to the World (God’s Kingdom, Service, Suffering)      



                            Text/Workbook: McGraw-Hill My Math 2010     

                                        Concepts:       Number Operations and Base Ten (Place Value, Addition and Subtraction)

                                                                Operations and Algebraic Thinking (Multiplication, Division, Equations)


                                                                Measurement and Data (Representing, Perimeter, Area)




                            Schoolwide Writing Fundamentals

                                        Units include How Writers Work and Nonfiction


                Reading (includes Spelling and Phonics work)

                            Text:    McGraw-Hill Reading

                            Workbooks:   McGraw-Hill Reading Practice

                                                    McGraw-Hill Spelling Practice Book

                            Concepts:      Fiction and Nonfiction stories, Story Elements, Vocabulary, Phonics, Spelling, Comprehension, Fluency, Study Skills, Independent                                                   reading, Group reading and work

                                                We will also be spending time independently selecting books, reading, reflecting, and having discussions on what we are reading.





                            Text: Scott Foresman Science 2008

                                        Concepts:       Life Science

                                                                            (Plants and Animals, How they live and grow)

                                                                Earth Science

                                                                            (Water, Rocks, Soil, Changes on Earth, Natural Resources)

                                                                Physical Science

                                                                            (Matter, Forces and Motion, Energy, Sound)

                                                                Space And Technology

                                                                            (Solar System, Patterns)

                                                     All units will include various experiments and inquiry lessons to enhance concepts


                Social Studies

                            Text/Workbook: Pearson My World 2013

                                        Concepts:         Communities

                                                                Our Environment

                                                                U.S. Government


                                                                Our Growing Nation



                            Text/Workbook: Universal Publishing Writing Our Catholic Faith 2008

                                        Concepts: Lower and Uppercase cursive letters



    I know there is a lot of information and expectations during these first few days and weeks of school. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss these with your child. I am really looking forward to a wonderful year!!!

    I am also listing Wish List items for our classroom. I am asking for the items listed to enhance the learning experiences of our classroom. You are in no way obligated to make a donation but it would be greatly appreciated.


    Wish List Items:

                *Gift Certificates to The Chalkboard, The Classmate, any office supply store, Target, Walmart

                *Bean Bag Chairs or large pillows for silent reading/work time


                                                                                                                Thank you!



                                                                                                                            Mrs. Melissa Pedersen