• First Trimester- Technology




        My name is Mary Beth Malloy and I am excited to start my fourth year as the technology teacher at Queen of Martyrs.  I am a graduate of Saint Xavier University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and special endorsements in Language Arts and Social Sciences.  I began my career at Christ the King School teaching third grade.  In 1999, I took a position at Alexander Graham School in Chicago.  At Graham, I taught first and fourth grade specializing in math and writing.   After the birth of my daughter, I took several years off of teaching and had two boys.  In the previous years,  I was a substitute teacher in District 124. I was thrilled to accept the technology position in 2016.  I am looking forward to working with all the children in Pre-K through 8th grade to integrate technology across the curriculum.   


        At Queen of Martyrs, technology is used to support all other subject areas.  We will work on specific skills and programs that follow along with Religion, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Sciences.  Students will learn how to safely navigate the Internet.  The first two weeks of technology will be devoted to going over rules and acceptable use of the computers, chromebooks, and ipads.  We will also cover a Common Sense Media lesson for each grade level. At Queen of Martyrs, we encourage safe and responsible use of technology. Students are expected to treat the computers, chromebooks, and ipads with respect and follow our Policy For Acceptable Use Of Technology located in the handbook. Queen of Martyrs was a Common Sense Media certified school in 2016-2017.  This is a goal we would like to achieve every school year.


    Grade Level Overview- First Trimester

    Pre-K:  Students will learn how to be responsible and how to properly care for the ipads and computers.  They will learn how to use the Internet to visit preselected sites and apps which support material being presented in class.


    Grades K-1:  Our younger students will become familiar with the use of the mouse and keyboard.  They will learn the proper names for the parts of the computer: Monitor, Hard Drive, Keyboard, etc.  Lessons in the lab will support early reading and math skills taught in the classroom.  Starfall, Abcya, and Scholastic, are all great programs to help build reading, writing, and math skills.


    Grades 2-3:  Students in these grades will learn keyboarding to help gain speed and accuracy.  We will introduce Microsoft Office to publish writing assignments.  Web tools such as ReadWriteThink, Scholastic, and Abcya are interactive sites and will allow them to publish their stories.   Third graders will receive google accounts which allows them access to all the Google apps including docs, sheets, and slides.


    Grades 4-8:  Students in grades 4-8th have activated gmail accounts which will allow them access to Google Drive.  The use of their Google account allows all work to be automatically saved without the need for a flash drive.  Grades 4-8th can access their Google account from any computer with their address and password.  During the first trimester students will become familiar with using Google Docs ( Microsoft Word), Google Slides ( PowerPoint), and Google Sheets ( Excel).  Students will be able to create multimedia presentations on topics they have studied across the curriculum.  Many teachers, including myself, have set up Google Classrooms for their grade.  Google Classroom allows teachers to create and post assignments that students can turn in digitally.  

        All grades have Technology once a week with the exception of 5th and 6th grade who attend twice a week. The schedule and weekly grade level objectives can be found on my web page on the Queen of Martyrs website.  


        Go to: www.qmschool.com.  




    Kindergarten will receive numerical grades: 1, 2, or 3.

        1- Improvement needed

        2- Satisfactory

        3- Excellent


    First Grade- Eighth Grade - students will receive a symbol grade.   

         -- Improvement needed

         S  Satisfactory


    • Excellent


    Looking forward to a wonderful 2019-2020  school year!


    Any questions or concerns feel free to email or call:



    Phone: (708) 422-1540