• Second Trimester Technology Newsletter

    November, 2018


    I can’t believe we have entered the second trimester of the 2018-2019 school year.  Time flies when you are having fun! We have been very busy getting ourselves acquainted with the internet and many of the Google apps.  I hope your children have been sharing their digital and printed projects with you.


    The second trimester will be very busy.  After Christmas break, students in grades 3rd-8th will take both Reading and Math Aspire Interim tests.  These are short tests done in the computer lab to help prepare them for the Aspire Test in the Spring. During this trimester, all grades will participate in Common Sense Media lessons.  These lessons provide valuable information to help our students become responsible and safe digital citizens. Grades 1st-8th will explore computer programming through different leveled coding apps and websites.  The remainder of the trimester has specific grade level goals:

    Grade Level Overview- Second Trimester

    Pre-K:  We will continue using the iPads to focus on developing reading and math skills. We will reinforce technology care and safety.  They are doing well with opening and closing out apps.


    Grades K-2: During the second trimester we will work on early keyboarding skills.  Many lessons will reinforce reading and math skills taught in the classroom.  We will begin writing and publishing short stories and sentences in Storymaker.  Students will be introduced to beginner coding. This will give them the opportunity to use their problem solving skills as they learn how computer programs work. A few coding lessons will be offline. Some good educational websites for this age include: Starfall, TVO kids, and Abcya.


    Grades 3-4:  Students will learn Internet Literacy.  We will use the internet to research topics that are introduced in the classroom.  The students will use their Typing.com accounts to improve their keyboarding skills.  They can also access this at home for additional practice. Third and fourth graders will use their google accounts for Google Docs and Slides.  In Fourth grade, I will post class assignments in their Google Classroom and we will explore how to complete and turn in digital projects.


    Grades 5-8:  Using the web effectively and developing Internet Literacy is an important skill for the older grades. We will continue to explore Google Sheets, Forms, Drawing, and Classroom.  They have done well with Google Docs and Slides. Each class will continue to improve their keyboarding skills through Typing.com which they can access at home for added practice.  The older grades will also explore coding, Google Earth, and Google Maps.

    In planning weekly lessons, I try to incorporate a skill or unit taught in the classroom.  My weekly lesson plans can be found at : www.qmschool.com . Click on the Faculty and Staff section.  Click on my name. Lessons can be found in the Weekly Technology Lessons section of my web page.


    Please email or call with any questions or concerns: mmalloy@qmschool.com or

    (708) 422-1540

    Mary Beth Malloy