• 3rd Grade homework week of 5/26 

    Religion: Family life pages assigned, please only read the Family life pages do not do the activities. At the end of the week, the reviews from the family life book will be due pg 67 and 69 are the review pages.

    Phonics: pg 107

    English: pg 45 (I and Me)

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and talk to a family member about what you have read.

    Math: Fluency pg 415-416

    religion: continue to work on Family life

    Phonics: pg 108

    English: pg 53 Action Verbs

    Math: Review and test assigned, they are both due on Friday

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and talk to a family member about the characters in the book and a character trait you would give that character.

    Religion: Continue working on Family life due tomorrow

    Phonics: pg 111

    Math: Continue working on review and test due tomorrow

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and talk to a family member about where the story took place (setting).

    Friday: ALL work this week is due and any late and missing work is due as well.

    PDF's fof homework: All Math   All Religion  All Phonics All English


    3rd Grade Homework week of 5/18


    Math: Rocket math and iready 

    Phonics: pagw 104 

    Religion: Ready only family life pg 52-53

    Reading: Read 15 minutes, at the end of the week a summary of your reading will be due on Friday. The summary should include the character, setting, and what has happened in the chapters you read during the week. 



    Math: Lesson 8, video lesson and homework pages 413-414

    English: page 43 

    Religion: Family life read only page 54

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and continue working on summary 



    Math: work on iReady and rocket math 

    Religion: Read only page 54 family life 

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and continue working on summary 

    Phonincs: pg 105 



    Math: Fluency pages 415-416, test next week 

    Enlgish: page 44 agreement of pronouns and verbs 

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and continune working on your summary 

    Phonics: pg 106 



    Finish iReady and turn in your reading summary on a google doc or emailed to me 


    PDFs of homework: Phonics, Religion, and English   ALL math



    3rd Grade homework week of 5/11

    *Make sure you start working on your iReady diagnostic for this week* 


    Spelling: New words given, spelling crossword 

    Religion: Read pg 47

    Math: Continue working on check my progress, quiz tomorrow 

    Reading: Read your book for 15 minutes 



    Spelling: fix the mispelled words 

    Religion: Read pages 48-49

    Math: Check my progress homework due and Check my progress quiz

    Reading: Inferences video lesson and making inferences sheet 



    Phonics: pg 102 

    Religion: Read and do activity on pg 50 

    Math: Lesson 6, video lesson and HW pg 402 

    Reading: Making inferences sheet 

    *ZOOM AT 11, going over math and inferences* 



    Phonics: pg 103 

    Religion: Read pg 51 

    Math: Lesson 7, video and HW pgs 407-408 

    Reading: Making Inferences sheet 


    PDF's of HW: Spelling   Reading making inferences  ALL math week of 5.11  Phonics pg 102-103  All Religion


    3rd Grade homework week of 5/4


    Religion: read pg 38 and do activity

    Reading: Text features video lesson with powerpoint attached. 

    Math: chapter 7 lesson HW pages 381-382





    Religion: pg 39 read only 

    Reading: Write down 2 text features and tell what they can help you with in an informational text. ( this can be typed out in google docs and send to me over google classroom) 

    Math: chapter 7 lesson 4 HW pages 387-388



    Religion: pg 40-41 read only 

    Phonics: pg 100

    Reading: Pick an animal from the Link below, tell me what animal you picked and write down two text features you saw in the text ( or you can just write them down in a google doc and tell me what they are. For example, bold text, the bold text was the word wave. ) Quiz tomorrow in text features

    https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/ ( or you can just write them down in a google doc and tell me what they are. For example, bold text, the bold text was the word wave. ) Quiz tomorrow in text features

    Math: Chapter 7 lesson 5 HW pages 393-394 

    ZOOM AT 11AM


    Religion:  pg 42 read only and pg 43 is due Tuesday. There will be a test Tuesday based on this review 

    Reading: Text feature quiz 

    Math: Check my progress in book pg 395-396, this is due Monday and there will be a quiz on Monday. 

    Phonics: pg 101 


    Religion: Religion  Religion pages 40-43

    Reading: Text features power point    Text feature quiz

    Math: Math week of 4/5

    Phonics:   page 100 page 101


    3rd Grade homework week of 4/27 

    Religion: Reviewing Unit 2 pg 31 due Tuesday, quiz tuesday
    Phonics: pg 97 (that we did not do last week)
    English: Possessive Pronouns, I will upload a video or avideo lesson on this. pg 41
    Reading: Read 15 mins, point of view worksheet due FRIDAY. They do not have to use all points of view, they can read their book and use 3 examples of the same point of view but different quotes.
    Math: pg 353-355 due today from last week. Test tomorrow
    ZOOM AT 11 for Enlish and Reading

    Religion: Unit 2 quiz
    Reading: Read 15 mins and continue to work on your point of view sheet
    Math: test today, there are 2 docs attached for the test, one is the vocab doc and the last question on that is extra credit and then the actual multiple choice test.
    English: Possessive pronoun worksheet

    Math: Ch 7 lesson 1
    HW pg 369-370
    Phonics: pg 98
    Reading: Read 15 mins and continue working on Point of View sheet
    Religion: Read pg 35
    ZOOM AT 11, we will work on some of the math HW during this zoom

    Religion: pg 36-37 READ ONLY
    Math: Ch 7 lesson 2
    pg 375-376
    Phonics pg 99
    Reading: Read 15 mins and finish up sheet, this is due tomorrow

    FLEXIBLE FRIDAY: use today to catch up on any work and making sure you are doing your iReady minutes in Reading and Math

    Math PDFs: Math Book Pages   Math Vocab Test   Math Chapter test multiple choice

    Religion NOT INCLUDING QUIZ: Religion 4.27

    English: Pg 41    Possessive pronouns worksheet

    Phonics: Phonics pg 99   phonics pg 98

    Reading: Point of View


    3rd Grade homework week of 4/20


    Religion: Read page 24-25 and do activity on page 25

    English: continue with COVID time capsule

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and write a 5 sentence summary about what you read. Submit this on google classroom in a google doc OR you can turn it in on your class portfolio on classdojo

    Math: Fluency practice page 351

    ZOOM @1:30


    Religion: Read page 26 and do the activity

    English: continue with time capsule

    Reading: Mood and tone worksheet will be due Friday, do not do the illustration on the chart. Please read at least 15 minutes every day in order to help you do this sheet, the sheet should not be turned in until Thursday or Friday I will post a chart with example words for mood and tone students can use or they can come up with their own. We have done this exact worksheet in class before, if they need help with what mood and tone means please message me.

    Here is a YouTube video for a better explanation on mood and tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frbX7IRrZtM

    Math: Fluency page 352


    Religion: Read page 27

    English: Finish COVID capsule

    Phonics: page 95, only circle the contractions in the story and write those contractions on the line.

    Reading: Continue to read 15 minutes each day and work and think about your mood and tone sheet while reading.

    Math: Lesson 9 video lesson, video will be uploaded Wednesday morning. Homework pages 349-350

    ZOOM @11 am


    Religion: page 28-29, you do not have to do the activity on page 29

    English: COVID time capsule

    Reading: Continue to working on mood and tone sheet, it is due tomorrow

    Math: Review page 353-355 will be due TUESDAY. TUESDAY THERE WILL BE A TEST



    Religion: Write at least 5 sentences about what you and your family did on Easter, you can write more than 5 if you would like.

    English: COVID time capsule

    Phonics: pg 97

    Reading: Mood and tone sheet due today

    Math: Zoom Review at 11 am

    *make sure you are doing at least 40 minutes of i-Ready each week in MATH AND READING*


    Homework PDF's:      COVID time capsule part 2    ALL phonics    ALL Religion    Reading mood and tone   ALL Math


    3rd Grade homework week of 4/6

    Monday:  Zoom meeting at 11

    Phonics: pg 93

    Religion: pg 338-339

    Math:  Practice facts with Rocket Math

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and start Character comparison

    English:  Do one page of COVID time capsule, we will continue this when we get back from break


    Phonics:  pg 94

    Religion: pg 340-341

    Math:  Ch 6 lesson 7

    • Video lesson, video posted Tuesday morning
    • Pg 337-338

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and Character comparison is due

    English: Do one page of COVID time capsule, we will continue this when we get back from break


    Wednesday: Zoom at 11

    Religion:  pg 346-347

    Math: Ch 6 lesson 7 zoom meeting

    Reading:  The Perfect Birthday Present

    English: Do one page of COVID time capsule, we will continue this when we get back from break 


    Religion:  Lent/ Good Friday Quiz, quiz will be posted Monday

    Math: Ch 6 lesson 8

    • Video lesson, video will be uploaded Thursday morning
    • Pg 343-344

    Reading:  Germ-O-Rama

    English: Do one page of COVID time capsule, we will continue this when we get back from break

     COVID time capsule

    Birthday and Germ Reading sheets

     All Religion

    All phonics

    All Math

    Character Comparison



    3rd Grade Homework Week of 3/30


    Math: Dream Bedroom Project. This should be worked on throughout the week. I will include things you must include to get full points for this project. I will also include an example that I made.

    Reading: Pick an informative article (some uploaded you can choose one or you can find your own). Write down which one you chose, read the article, write down 5 facts you learned from the article, and write a 4 sentence summary of the article. You don't need to answer the questions below the article. 

    English: Pronoun Quiz

    Spelling:  New spelling City this week

    Religion: Family life pg 15 just read


    Math: Continue dream bedroom project

    Reading:  Pick another informative article and do the same things as you did yesterday.

    English: Possessive nouns worksheet

    Religion: Family Life page 16 and 17 do Activity on pg 17


    Math: Continue dream bedroom Project

    Reading: Read 15 minutes and discuss with a family member what you read.

    English:  D.O.L worksheet

    Spelling: Write a sentence for each spelling word ( list attached)

    Religion: Page 18 Family Life


    Math: Dream bedroom project due

    Reading: Read 20 minutes then write 5 sentences about what you read.

    English:  D.O.L. worksheet, re-write paragraph, there are 16 mistakes 

    Spelling:  Continue working on sentences

    Religion:  Page 19 and 20 in Family life, use other Family life pages I have uploaded for previous days to help answer some of the questions



    Use today to catch up on any missing work you need to. Make sure you read 15 minutes today and practice your Rocket Math.

    Today I would also like you to do 2 acts of kindness and tell me about them and what you did!

     PDF's of worksheets: 


    Example for Dream Bedroom

    Dream bedroom Drawing

    Dream Bedroom Instructions and Rubric


    Spelling List


    Informative Articles to choose from : Camels   Giraffe   Okapi  Sloths  Wolves  Camouflage Sharks


    Pronoun quiz: https://forms.gle/EXa1SPeHMJAPpAnx7 

    Possesive nouns: Possessive Nouns

    D.O.L. Wednesday: D.O.L. Wednesday

    D.O.L. Thursday:  D.O.L. Thurs


     Family Life week of 3/30


     Homework week of 3/23


    Reading:  Main idea and supporting details planet sheet

    English:  Sentence Scramble worksheet

    Math:  Practice Rocket Math

    Religion: pg 13 in Family life


    Reading:  Read at least 15 minutes. While reading the rest of the week, pick a character and by the end of the week fill out the “Getting to know the Character” Chart attached

    English:  Singular and plural pronouns

    Math: place value worksheet



    Reading: Read 15 minutes and work on the “Getting to know the Character” Chart

    English:  Action Verb sheet

    Math: Fact Family Sheet

    Religion:  pg 14 in family life and answer questions


    Reading:  Read 15 minutes and work on the “Getting to know the Character” Chart

    English:  Write 3 complete sentences on what you have been doing while off school. You can write this on paper and send me a picture, I will make a post on class dojo they can comment back on, or they can comment on my post in Google classroom.

    Math: Subtraction sheet

    Religion:  Prayer sheet (worksheet attached)



    Reading:  Read 15 minutes and finish the “Getting to know the Character” Chart. Discuss what you have read this week with a family member

    English:  Uploading a new spelling city list, work on the review words.

    Math: Addition worksheet

    Religion:  Sacrament sort ( if you don’t want to print out all the pages, you can print the pages with the boxes and draw the symbols in there instead)


    Links for homework week of 3/23

    Religion:  Prayer Worksheet Thursday   Sacrament sort Friday    Family life pg 13 and 14

    Reading: Main Idea monday  Getting to know the Characters

    Math: Place Value Tuesday Fact Family Wednesday Subtraction Thursday Addition Friday

    English:  Sentence Scramble Monday Singular and plural pronouns Tuesday Action Verbs Wednesday

    Homework for week of 3/16 


    Reading: Story Map with a book of their choice 

    Math: Check my progress in book pg 325-326

    English: pronoun sheet 

    Religion: pg 9-10 in Family life (copies are made and given to students) 



    Reading: With the same book do making connections sheet, make connections to their life. Do 1 sentence or more and a drawing if they would like 

    Math: Check my progress worksheet 

    Phonics pg 85 




    Reading: continue reading your book and contiue working on sheets from Monday and Tuesday 

    Math: Word problem worksheet 

    English: pronoun worksheet 

    Religion: family life page 11



    Reading: the perfect camping trip story and questions 

    Math: divison worksheet 




    Reading: work on sheets from Monday and Tuesday and read for 15 minutes 

    Math: multiplication worksheet 

    Phonics pg 89-90 

    Religion: family life page 13