Welcome to Class! We are just “Chillin with Finn”  here at the Tokarczyk house. He is so happy that I finally installed his new SpongeBob house!


    I wanted to thank everyone for your support and understanding as Friday the 13th of March was an extraordinary day and stressful for our students.  I have seen the worry and concern with my own children as they ask questions. Many students were upset yesterday that they were now not going to see friends and teachers at school for a little while.  My plan is to make the next two weeks easy on everyone without losing the pace or progress the students have been making in 2nd grade. I will not include topics that we haven’t learned in the past but will try to strengthen their understanding, dive deeper, and create background knowledge for tasks we will be tackling when we return. Please let me know if the amount of work is too much or not enough for each day.  Feel free to have your child work on material as it best fits your schedules, as long as they get it done.


    Below is work that can be completed on Monday and Tuesday.  I will lay out the rest of the week on Monday. Also, I will be messaging my students daily in Class Dojo. If possible and with your permission, they are free to message me in the comments.  Also, I will post any links for sites the students can access and any videos that will accompany what they are practicing at home. Be sure that your child accesses i-Ready and completes at least 45 minutes of Reading and 45 minutes of Math weekly.  Almost all students have their log-ins memorized but if you need me to resend it, just let me know. Students also took home work for Math and Social Studies. Students are to complete the work at their own pace. I would reach out to Ms. Papernik or Ms. DiCola if you have any questions or concerns.  For now, all completed work can be returned when school resumes. If you prefer, you may feel free to send me pictures of any completed assignments.


    2nd GRADE!!

    Monday 3/16/20


    Religion:  Eucharist Flip Book - Students will need the big red construction paper they brought home and can fold the paper.  Then they can color, cut out and glue the ribbons found on page 3 of the packet.  


    Reading: Please have them listen and follow along with the reading for Chpt 9 Charlotte’s Web. https://watchkin.com/9224e1183a   Answer the following questions below in the comments. Fern really loves Wilbur.  Have you ever had a really close friendship with an animal?  


    Writing:Students brought home their organizers, publishing, and poster for their informational essay on their animal.  All students are in the process of publishing but not all the organizers have been fully edited. Please review the next section they might need to publish (introduction, appearance, diet, habitat, survival, or conclusion and have them publish one section.  I sent home extra paper with animals onto their organizers. 


    Science: Brainpop- username ktokarczyk and password is 2ndgrade.  Please log in and search to watch a kid friendly informational video about coronavirus or search the water cycle and watch that video. https://www.brainpop.com/


    Spelling: Nothing Today


    Grammar- Nothing Today

    Phonics- (Puppy Dog Book) pgs 155 and 156 ing and ed.  Watch this video to find out more about words that end ing and end and a review of plurals with s. https://watchkin.com/7dc7a32216



    Tuesday: 3/17/20


    Religion: Eucharist Flip Book - Students can complete, cut out, and glue the “All About Me” boxes on the page 4 of the packet.


    Reading: Please read Types of Turtles and complete the Venn Diagram of Comparison of Text Structure.  Pick two types of turtles, sea, tortoises, and freshwater. Write one type of turtle in the bubble above the right circle and the other in the bubble on top of the left circle.  Next, write what is the same about both turtles in the middle of the two circles and then write what is unique to each turtle on either the left or right


    Writing: Nothing Today


    Science: Work on your Animal Poster- add any missing information and color.


    Spelling- Page 1 of the packet B-12. Use a word from the list that best completes the sentence.


    Grammar- Voyages ( Rocketship book)  Pronouns pgs 94-95 . Watch this video on pronouns. https://watchkin.com/3f88a8b228


    Phonics: Nothing. Today


    Work for Wednesday 3/18/20

    Religion: Eucharist Flip Book - Complete pg 5 of the packet called My Prayer at the bottom. Have your child answer the questions: How do you feel preparing to receive the Eucharist for the 1st time? What are some things you would like to thank Jesus for?

    Reading: Read a book of your choice for 20 minutes.

    Writing: On the 1st page of Writing packet (Helping My Readers, What I Need to Consider When Revising My Draft)

    Answer the 1st two questions about your animal informational essay.

    1. Do I have words related to my topic that readers may not know? Can I add definitions?

    2. Do I have a place where an illustration (picture) might help readers understand what I am saying?

    Science: Optional: Try the Soap and Pepper Experiment. Send me a video of how it worked for you!

    Spelling- Nothing Today

    Grammar- Do the 1st page of the grammar packet under my cover letter. It asks the student to rewrite the underlined word or words using a pronoun.

    Phonics: pg 157 - Be sure to remember that when a word ends in a single consonant, we usually double the consonant before adding ing. This is silly but will help. https://watchkin.com/2f022fadfc
    Work for Thursday 3/19/20

    Religion: Eucharist Flip Book - Complete pg 6 of the packet. It says "Serve the Lord" at the bottom. At the end of mass the priest says, " Go in Peace and Love to Serve the Lord. Write downs 2 ways or draw a picture that you can show peace, spread love, and serve the Lord.

    Reading: Listen and follow along with Chpt 10 of Charlotte's Web. https://watchkin.com/b419baf4e0
    Write in on a sheet of paper, in the comments, or in your portfolio. Charlotte and Wilbur are such good friends. What you think makes a good friend?

    Writing: Nothing Today

    Science: Write the words or draw the pictures in the Light Energy Sort. I just noticed the were copied on either side you can not cut them out and paste.

    Spelling- Complete page 2 of the Spelling packet by unscrambling the words.

    Grammar- Grammar- Voyages (Rocket ship book) Pronouns pgs 96-97

    Phonics: Nothing Today
    Work for Friday 3/20/20

    Religion: Eucharist Flip Book - Complete pg 7 of the Packet. It says Do this in Memory of Me at the bottom. Watch the Last Supper video. https://watchkin.com/b0ba0a90dc Jesus is always with us in the Eucharist. Write 2 ways or draw a picture of times when Jesus is in their life.

    Reading: Read the M&M article by Karen Smith and Carey Moore. Let me know what is your favorite color M&M?

    Writing:If not finished publish another section of your Animal Informational Essay.

    Science: No Science

    Spelling- Play a game with your spelling words at https://www.spellingcity.com/users/tokarkaren

    Grammar- Do the 2nd page of the grammar packet under my cover letter. It asks the student to circle the pronouns in the sentences. Be careful some sentences have more than one pronoun.

    Phonics: Pg 158



    3rd Grade Science

     Monday: 3/16/20

    Science: Brainpop- username ktokarczyk and password is 2ndgrade. 

    Please log in and search to watch a kid friendly informational video about coronavirus and search
    Sun Protection and watch that video. https://www.brainpop.com/.


    Answer the following questions on a piece of paper and either save for class or send me a picture of your answers.


    1. Think About It
    This section of the electromagnetic spectrum is ordered from shortest to longest wavelength, left to right. What does that tell you about the relationship between wavelength and energy? Explain your answer.

    2.List The Examples
    List some of the health problems that UV rays can cause.

    Take the Sun Protection Quiz on Brainpop!


    Tuesday 3/17/20
    Use your completed Lab Learner "The Sun and Your Skin" and take the 17 questions post test. Please save this for when we return to school.

    Wednesday 3/18/20

    Work on your Science Fair Poster if not completed.


    Work for Thursday 3/19/20
    Read the take home article "What is Animal Mimicry?" and answer the question: How is animal mimicry like a trick?

    Work for Friday 3/20/20
    Watch this video to find out how to tell the difference between a Scarlet King Snake and a Coral Snake. https://watchkin.com/7179261b61

    Research them and write two or three facts about one of them and circle which snake is doing the mimicking. (This is on the 2nd page of your Science packet)


    4th Grade Science

    Monday: 3/16/20

    Science: Brainpop- username ktokarczyk and password is 2ndgrade.

    Please log in and search to watch a kid friendly informational video about coronavirus and search
    Plate Tectonics and watch that video. https://www.brainpop.com/

    Answer the following questions on a piece of paper and either save for class or send me a picture of your answers.
    Tuesday 3/17/20

    Brainpop- Earth’s Structure

    Answer the following questions on a piece of paper and either save for class or send me a picture of your answers.

    1. What are earth's three main layers?
    2. What do earthquake waves have in common with other waves?
    3. Where is the earth's crust the thickest?
    4. Which word best characterizes the lower mantle?
    5. How deep would you have to drill to reach the center of the earth?
    6. What effect does the spinning of the earth's core have?
    7. Which of the following statements about the Earth's inner core is true?
    8. What is the only entirely liquid layer of the earth?

    Wednesday 3/18/20

    Work on your Science Fair Poster if not completed.


    Homework for Thursday 3/19/20

    Lets see if this works. I set up a 4th grade class on newsela.com. Please see if you can log on and view the assignment.

    Newsela logo
    Get your students reading with one click.
    4th Grade
    Share this Class Link with your class.


    ———— OR ————
    Share this Class Code with your class.


    You are to read the article Erosion and Weathering and find 3 words you did not know the meaning of at first in the article and look up their meaning. Then write them down on a sheet of paper to be turned in when we return from school. Finally, share in Class Dojo, under the comments, share one thing you learned from the article and one thing you still wonder about.
    Homework for Friday 3/20/20

    On newsela.com. Please read the article Fossil Fuels.

    Solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric power all rely on natural processes and forces of the Earth to create renewable fuel? Please leave a message in Dojo comments if you think there might be any drawbacks to animals or their habitats using these?