• -There is nightly homework Monday through Thursday, which is usually a reading and math activity sheet that encompasses what we are learning and possibly a name writing practice sheet. Any paper homework, unless otherwise noted, must be returned the following day. Also, it is extremely important that reading occurs every night! This can be your reading to your child, or your child reading a book to you.


    Homework (January 7th) 

    Monday: Superkids page 64  My Math Lesson 5
    Tuesday: CVC Phonics page    My Math Lesson 6
    Wednesday: Superkids page 66   My Math Lesson 7
    Thursday: Superkids page 67     Addition Fluency Math Page 


    Homework (January 14th) 

    Monday: Superkids Page 68       
    Tuesday: Superkids Page 69       My Math Lesson 1
    Wednesday: Superkids Page 70   My Math Lesson 2
    Thursday: /E/e/ Word Families Page  My Math Lesson 3


    **Please note, the homework pages should not be taking more than 10 minutes to complete.  If your child is taking longer than 10 minutes, please let me know!  I do not want homework to interrupt their love for school and learning!!