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Weekly Technology Lessons K-8

  • Technology Lessons 

    November 18-22nd

    Pre-K- K:  Starfall App

    Preschool will work on letter sounds and Thanksgiving themed games

     Grades 1-2:  Keyboarding and Turkey Writing

    Students will review keyboarding skills and sentence structure while typing Thanksgiving sentences.

     Grade 3: Thanksgiving Web Quest

    Students will use the internet to complete a packet about the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Grade 4:  Google Docs- Turkey Poems

    Students will use Google Docs to type a turkey personification poem.

    Grade 5:   KWL- Mayflower Project

    Students will enter what they have learned about the ship through a website research project.

    Grade 6:  Saint Project

    Students will use the internet to research a saint for their religion project.

    Grade 7:  Webquest and Google Form

    Students will complete a Google Form based on their research.  Students will compare/contrast the lives of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians.

    Grade 8:  Google Slides- ELA Vocabulary Unit 5

     Students will create a unique Google Slides project to review their vocabulary words.