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Weekly Technology Lessons K-8

  • Technology Lessons

    ♥ February  17-21st ♥

    Pre-K-:  Shapes and Geometry Vocabulary

    Preschool will independently play Geometry recognition games.

    Grades K-2:  Valentine's Day LA and Math Games

    Students will play holiday themed Language Arts and Math grade level games.

     Grade 3:  Google Accounts -Language Arts Activities

    Students will sign into their Google Account and completed LA and Math themed lessons in the Google Classroom.

    Grade 4:  Google Classroom- Keyboarding and Math Skills

    Students will review early keyboarding skills on  Students will review math skills on Grade 4 Math

    Grade 5:  Google Forms

    Students will review the basics of Google Forms.  Students will create a Google Form as a class survey

    Grade 6:  Google Forms

    Students will review the features and format of Google Forms.

    Grade 7:   Common Sense Media- Social Media Good vs. Bad

    Students will recognize the negative and postive  aspects of social media.

    Grade 8:  Google Docs- Poetry Format

      Students will review the features and formatting options of Google Docs