• Third Trimester Newsletter 2021

    Technology Pre-K- 8

    Mary Beth Malloy


    I can’t believe the third trimester has arrived!  The year is passing so quickly and I have thoroughly enjoyed my fifth year at Queen of Martyrs.  We will continue to use some time in computer class to work on iReady lessons for reading and math.  Grades K-8 will receive their third Common Sense Media lesson. These grade level lessons are designed to help students become more responsible digital citizens.  Each child will bring home a parent newsletter explaining the theme of their lesson. For additional information about the program go to: www.commonsensemedia.org.


    Grade Level Overview

    Third Trimester


    Pre-K:  The preschoolers are doing well opening and closing out games on the iPads.  We are still working on properly caring for technology. Rules such as holding the iPads with two hands and being gentle with the cases are constantly being reinforced.  We are using apps that enhance early reading and math skills. The students are also learning early digital safety.


    K-2:  Kindergarten through second grade are continuing to enhance their early keyboarding skills.  The students are learning how to open and close programs and navigate through the internet. We will work this trimester on building word processing skills through the use of Story Maker.  Many technology lessons build upon skills being taught in the classroom. Here are a couple  good websites to use at home: Starfall.com, Abcya.com.


    Grade 3-4: In third and fourth grade students are learning to effectively use the internet for research.  Several researched topics will become formatted into writing projects using Google Docs. Both grades will  explore Google Slides and Forms. Google classrooms have been created so students can share their assignments digitally.  All of these projects can be easily accessed at home by simply signing into their personal google account and entering their password.  Also this trimester students will explore computer programming through several coding apps and websites. A few good websites are: scratchjr.org, code.org, and tynker.com.


    Grades 5-8:  Students have become very confident in using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms.  They continue to impress me with their knowledge and use of various features within each app.  Creativity is encouraged as long as the project guidelines are being fulfilled. This trimester I will introduce Google Drawing and its various uses.  We will incorporate Reading, Science, Math,and Social Studies through the use of Google Earth and Google Maps. The use of these apps help build upon class lessons. We will also explore computer programming through several coding websites and apps.  A few good websites to explore: scratch.mit.edu,crunchzilla.com, and code.org


    In planning weekly lessons, I try to incorporate a skill or unit taught in the classroom.  My weekly lesson plans can be found at : www.qmschool.com .  After opening the school website, click on Faculty and Staff.    Click on my name. Go to the Weekly Lesson Plans section of my web page.


    Please email or call with any questions or concerns: mmalloy@qmschool.com or

    (708) 422-1540