• Some of the preschoolers come every day and some come three days. All come half day in our class this year. Miss Cronin is with our class Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. The children have been learning to put their snack away when they arrive and find their table in the morning.  We are all still adjusting to the routine of the classroom. Please remind your children that they need to bring thir snack every day. Everyone is also reminded to throw out their own garbage at snack time (isn't that just like home).

    Religion  --  Everyone is learning to recognize blessing themselves through demonstration and the snack/lunch prayer (God is great, God is good, Let us thank Him for our food). The kids also hear about left/right this way. The children are reminded about "restaurant manners" and "inside voices", using a napkin and clean up. The class is learning about the Pledge and loving our country. We have talked about choices and sometimes making better ones. These choices could be green or red.

    Math  --  The children will learn to sort. They will be introduced to manipulatives and sort them into piles of colors and shapes. The children will demonstrate an understanding of one to one using blocks, plastic critters and colored transportation pieces. They are also having fun learning simple seasonal songs using props to recognize their numbers.

    Reading  --  The class is introduced to early literacy skills by learning the names of their friends. Their names are often the first written words children recognize. Here are some cute chants we go over--

    Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee

    Won't  you say your name for me?

    Let's all say it________________

    Let's clap it__________________

    Let's whisper it_______________


    Apples, Apples

    Apples, apples

    on the tree

    Some for ______________

    And some for m


    Specials Schedule:

    Monday- Gym

    Thursday- Computers

    Friday- Gym