Summer Adventures

  • High School Lock In Sunday December 29, 2019- Monday December 30, 2019. Must have form! Available HERE. Cost: $8 Bring: RMH Item to donate (Gallon size ziploc bags, paper plates, plastic utensils, paper napkins, individual soap containers, or disinfecting cleaning wipes). Time: 8pm-6am [Must arrive before 9pm; cannot leave early.]

    Ski Trip Monday January 20, 2020 6:15am-7:30pm. QMYM Release Form Available HERE. Code of Conduct Available HERE. MUST HAVE BOTH FORMS!! $88 includes lift ticket, rentals, and transportation. Please add an addition $5 for a helmet and $5 for a lesson. Bring money for food!! CHAPERONES NEEDED[Must be in compliance with Protecting God's Children.]

    Fright Fest Six Flags Great America Forms Available HERE Jr. High Students October 26, 2019 12pm-11:00pm Cost: $54 includes ticket & transportation. [$28$]for Season Pass holders]. Forms and Payment DUE NO LATER THAN Monday, October 21st.

    Summer Adventures Include                                

    Raging Waves Water Park Summer 2020 Forms Available HERE Cost: $25 includes ticket & transportation. Please bring extra $$ for lunch & snacks. Time: 12pm-7pm   FORMS DUE by August 4th

    Beach Trip TBD  Forms Available Here. Cost: Bring $$ for food. Time 10am-5pm

    Six Flags Great America Summer 2020 Forms Available HERE. Cost: $54 includes ticket & transportation (Season Pass Holders $25) Time: 9:30am-10pm FORMS DUE Monday June 17th!!

    Brookfield Zoo Trip Summer 2020 Forms Available HERE. Cost: $28 includes ticket for zoo & transportation. Bring $$ for food & extra attractions. Time: 11am-9pm **High School Teens & Young Adults only**

    Adventures open to all 7th Grade teens - Young Adults (18+ must be in compliance with Protecting God's Children paper work & course) and their FAMILIES!! 

    Must return form & payment to QMYM before Adventure to reserve your space!! Everyone must have a form & payment in order to participate!! 

    Contact Tina with any questions!!