Summer Adventures

  • High School Lock In Sunday December 29, 2019- Monday December 30, 2019. Must have form! Available HERE. Cost: $5 Bring: RMH Item to donate [Paper Towels, Laundry Detergent, 13 or 30 gallon sized draw string garbage bags, lysol wipes, scrubbing bubbles, toilet bowl cleaner.] Time: 8pm-6am [Must arrive before 9pm; cannot leave early.]

    Ski Trip Monday January 20, 2020 6:15am-7:30pm. Grand Geneva Online Registration Available HERE. Group Name: queen LAST DAY TO REGISTER 1/5/20!!  Start by choosing date of ski trip. Choose LIFT TICKET (required for all participants). Select necessary options [Type of Rental, HELMET and/or LESSON], allow for processing and add to cart. Must enter New Guest information. Grand Geneva cost does not reflect total QMYM Payment DUE to Tina by WEDNESDAY, January 8th.   

    QMYM Release Form Available HERECost: $88 includes lift ticket, rentals, and transportation (does not include helmet/lesson =$5 each, please add to your total when selected). Bring money for food!! CHAPERONES NEEDED[Must be in compliance with Protecting God's Children.]

    Fright Fest Six Flags Great America Forms Available HERE Jr. High Students October 26, 2019 12pm-11:00pm Cost: $54 includes ticket & transportation. [$28$]for Season Pass holders]. Forms and Payment DUE NO LATER THAN Monday, October 21st.

    Summer Adventures Include                                

    Raging Waves Water Park Summer 2020 Forms Available HERE Cost: $25 includes ticket & transportation. Please bring extra $$ for lunch & snacks. Time: 12pm-7pm   FORMS DUE by August 4th

    Beach Trip TBD  Forms Available Here. Cost: Bring $$ for food. Time 10am-5pm

    Six Flags Great America Summer 2020 Forms Available HERE. Cost: $54 includes ticket & transportation (Season Pass Holders $25) Time: 9:30am-10pm FORMS DUE Monday June 17th!!

    Brookfield Zoo Trip Summer 2020 Forms Available HERE. Cost: $28 includes ticket for zoo & transportation. Bring $$ for food & extra attractions. Time: 11am-9pm **High School Teens & Young Adults only**

    Adventures open to all 7th Grade teens - Young Adults (18+ must be in compliance with Protecting God's Children paper work & course) and their FAMILIES!! 

    Must return form & payment to QMYM before Adventure to reserve your space!! Everyone must have a form & payment in order to participate!! 

    Contact Tina with any questions!!