Second Trimester Letter

  • Dear Parents,

        It’s hard to believe that the first trimester is over and we are starting the second trimester.  Everyone has grown so much. We are more independent, reading more, and understanding our math facts.  We will be doing many more fun things. 


    We will continue with the Superkids curriculum.  We will be covering the following:

    Comprehension and fluency,                               Reality and fantasy

    Problems and solutions                                       Sequence of events

    Summarize                                                       Compare and contrast

    Rhyme and rhythm                                             Generate questions

    Understand characters                                       Determine cause and effect

    Observe typographical clues                               Draw conclusions

    Recognize plot: Beginning, Middle and End

    Generate questions to make and confirm predictions

    Read with expression, rhythmically, and appropriate stress

    Read with comprehension and fluency

    Phonemic Awareness

    We will continue with Michael Heggerty.  We will be covering the following:

    Rhyming, onset fluency, blending, isolating, final or medial phonemes, segmenting, adding phonemes, deleting phonemes, submitting phonemes, language awareness

    Phonics/ Spelling

    We will continue with MCP Phonics.  We will be covering the following: 

    Short and long vowels

    High frequency words

    Language Arts/English 

    We will continue with Voyages in English.  We will be covering the following: 

    Nouns                                                              Verbs

    Pronouns Adjectives

    How to write a Friendly Letter                             How to write a How to Article

    How to write a description 


    We will continue with Rocket Math for fact fluency along with McGraw Hill.  We will be covering the following: 

    Rocket Math

    Addition Facts

    McGraw Hill

    Subtraction Facts to 20                                       Addition of three numbers

    Time                                                                 Measurement


    We will continue with Blest Are We.  We will be covering the following:

    Advent                                                             Christmas

    Baptism                                                           How God made us to be good and holy

    Christmas Around the World

    Social Studies

    We will continue with Making Our Way.  We will be covering the following:

    Christmas Around the World                               Work in the Community


    We will be working with Lab Learner.  We will be covering the following:

    Staying Safe

    Please continue reading nightly with your child.  That is the best way to build fluency and comprehension.

     If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

    Mrs. Gagner