• Second Trimester Newsletter

    November 16, 2018


    Dear Parents,

    I cannot believe we are already into the Second Trimester.  Where did the time go? The students have been working very hard and it is evident in the report cards that were sent home.  Take a look below for a sneak peek of what to expect in the Second Trimester.

    Algebra-8th Grade

    We will continue to review for the Aspire and HSPT tests.  Periodically, the students will take Interim and Classroom tests online to prepare for the Aspire.  This Trimester the students will learn about Real Numbers, Polynomials, Slope-Intercept, and Graphing Linear Equations.  The students will use conditional statements and logical reasoning to solve word problems. They will also use Properties of Equality to solve multi-step equations. The end of the Trimester students will rewrite Equations in Function Form . Finally, the students will review by doing Window Math and using the Promethean Board.

    Course 3 Math-8th Grade

    We will continue to review for the Aspire Test and HSPT Test.  Periodically, the students will take Classroom Tests and Interim Tests to prepare for the Aspire.  These tests will be taken online. Students will find factors, including the GCF of numbers and monomials.  They will simplify fractions using the LCD. Scientific Notation will be introduced while rewriting expressions containing negative and zero exponents.  Rational numbers will also be introduced. The students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and decimals in order to solve equations.  Timed Tests will be given once a week. Students are reminded to write out problems and show all steps. Promethean Board Activities will continue and Window Math review will be practiced by all.


    Course 2 Math -7th Grade

    This Trimester the 7th Grade will concentrate on Inequalities, Ratios, Proportions, and Percents.  We will begin class by reviewing the previous day’s material. Extra Math Classes will be held on Wednesdays after school beginning the month of December.  I encourage all the students to work on IXL Math at home. This will reinforce skills taught in the classroom. Aspire Prep will continue each day. Keep practicing Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Integers.


    ELA  (Reading, Vocabulary, English)

    In order to create lifelong reading habits, the students will be introduced to a variety of genres this Trimester.  They will have an opportunity to read independently in our newly renovated Reading Room and encouraged to also read at home.  The 7th Grade will read the novel “Night” by Elie Wiesel. Close Reading strategies will continue as we read this novel. The 7th Grade will continue writing in their journals on a daily basis. The students will be assessed on many of the Chapters in the novels they are reading.  Upon completion of this novel, the students will complete the Unit on Non-Fiction in their Literature Book. This will help them when it comes to taking the Aspire Test.  Sample Interim and Classroom Online Tests will be taken to prepare for the Aspire Test. The 7th Grade students will be gathering information in order to write a Memoir.  At the completion of the Schoolwide Writing Program, memoirs will be published and shared with the students in the class. DOL Activities will take place the entire trimester.  Units seven-eleven will be covered in the Vocabulary Book. Assessments will be given at the completion of each Unit. Google Docs and Google slide projects will be assigned based on the Vocabulary Unit covered.



    We will continue to pray on a daily basis. This is something that the students enjoy and look forward to. Chapters 6-10 will be covered in the Second Trimester.  Along with the Religion Textbook, Confirmation Preparation will take place. The students will watch short videos on Decision Making and answer questions about choices they have to make on a daily basis. Each month they should be filling out their Homily Logs after attending Mass on the weekends.  Service Projects should continue throughout the entire semester.


    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


    Lois M. Kettering