Join the Queen of Martyrs Band

Who can join band? 
Anyone in 5th-8th grade! Beginning Band is primarily made up of 5th graders, but any student in 5th-8th grade can join band at any time! 

What instrument can I play? 
Beginning Band members can choose from the following instruments: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or percussion (bell kit) 

When will I have lessons? 
Beginning Band will have one 30- minute lesson IN SCHOOL per week. Additionally, there are after school sectionals every week (beginning band only) and Sunday rehearsals every other week at Brother Rice High School. 

Why should I join band?
Music training not only helps children develop fine motor skills and coordination but aids emotional and behavioral maturation as well; we teach life lessons. Through band, students develop a sense of teamwork, improve their self-confidence and motivation, gain a feeling of success, improve their discipline, develop leadership skills, learn that hard work and practice pay off AND it just so happens to be fun!!

(subject to change) 

Sept 10th: (2p-4p) 
Sept 11th: (5p-7p) Instrument Try Out Day @ Brother Rice 
Sept 12th: (5p-6p) 
Sept 13th: (6p-7p) Band Registration Night @ Brother Rice 
Sept 17th: Beginning Band Intro Lesson 
Sept 18th: First week of lessons 

Oct 1st: First Sunday Rehearsal (continues every other week) 
Oct 20th: Grammar School Night @ Brother Rice HS 

Dec 7th: Christmas Concert @ Mother McAuley HS

About Ms. Haak

Hi there, I'm Ms. Haak!! I teach middle school band at several Catholic Schools on the southside! I am also the assistant band director at Brother Rice High School. I grew up in Oak Lawn and attended Queen of Peace High School. I then went on to study Music Education at Saint Mary's College where I was also a member of the Notre Dame Marching Band. Music has always been my passion and I am so excited to have the chance to share my love of music with the next generation of musicians in the very same community where I grew up! 

Ms Haak

Instrument Rental
Instruments can be rented through Quinlan and Fabish. A Quinlan and Fabish representative will be present at Registration Night to further explain the rental program. For more information you can visit: 

Quinlan & Fabish

Already have an instrument at home? Fantastic! Please bring the instrument in to Ms. Haak to make sure it is suitable to last the entire year!

Band Tuition
Band tuition is separate from your school's tuition payment and can be made via cash, check, or Zelle. More info about this will be given during Registration Night. 

There are 3 different payment plans: 

  • Monthly Plan:

    • $50/month 

  • Semester Plan:

    • 1st semester - $185

    • 2nd semester - $215  ($25 savings) 

  • Full Year Payment:

    • $375  ($50 savings) 

What is included in your tuition?

  • Weekly lesson in-school 

  • Weekly after-school sectional (Beginning Band) 

  • Bi-monthly Sunday Rehearsal 

If you take advantage of all lesson opportunities, you are only paying $6 per hour of instruction!