Proper grooming is expected of each student.  Uniforms must be clean, neat and without holes or ragged hems.  Failure to comply with the uniform dress code and or the gym uniform dress code will result in the child being sent to the office to contact their parent / guardian in order to request a proper change of clothes be brought to school.

·         It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that their children are in proper uniform attire each school day.
·         Dress-down or special dress days will be announced ahead of time.
·         All pants and shorts must fit around the waist.
·         Belts are to be worn with pants.
·         White polo shirts must be tucked into pants or skirts at all times.
·         Fad haircuts, trendy hairdos, including hair coloring of any type, are not acceptable.  They become a distraction for the student as well as for those around them.  Inappropriate haircuts will need to be adjusted before a student will be allowed to return to school.  For boys, hair must not hang in the student’s eyes nor can it be below the collar in the back.
·         No facial piercings or visible tattoos are permitted.
·         Make-up is not allowed to be worn at school and may not be brought to school.  Nail polish is not allowed to be brought to school.
·         Students are not to wear decorative jewelry with their uniform, including hoop or dangle earrings.  While in school, girls are limited to one earring per ear and boys are not allowed to wear earrings at all.  Simple chains or crosses may be worn to school as well as wrist watches.
·         The only necklaces allowed in school must be of a religious nature.  (eg. scapulars, crosses)  No ankle jewelry of any sort is allowed.
·         Leg warmers may be worn to and from school in the cold weather.  They must be removed and not worn in the classroom.
·         In the cold weather, Queen of Martyrs sweatpants may be worn under the uniform skirt in the classroom.
·         No colored or printed T-Shirts may be worn under uniform shirts or blouses except for the approved gym uniform on gym days. If students wear unacceptable t shirts under their uniform shirt or blouse, they will be required to remove it.

Students are to be in full uniform starting the first full week of school until the last full week of school.  The principal will communicate exceptions to this rule.  Kindergarten children also wear the uniform. 
·         Burgundy sweaters or fleece jackets  MUST be purchased at  Schools Are Us or Martinelli’s for uniformity.
·         Sweaters and fleece jackets are an integral part of the daily uniform from October 1st to May 1st.
·         All burgundy and gray plaid jumpers and skirts must be 100% polyester.  Only Schoolbelles, Schools Are Us or Martinelli”s have these materials.
·         Backless shoes (clogs) or sandals are not acceptable footwear.

Students are not required to wear the school uniform, but should be dressed in appropriate school attire.

·         Burgundy and gray plaid jumper, pink blouse or white polo shirt or blouse, long of short sleeves.
·         Burgundy sweater, fleece jacket, cardigan or V-neck pullover.
·         White or black socks that are visible, gray or burgundy knee high socks, or burgundy or gray tights.
·         Dress shoes must be solid black or brown.  All shoelaces are to be the same color as the shoes.
·         Gray dress slacks and white polo shirts are an acceptable option.

·         Burgundy and gray plaid skirt, white polo shirt, long or short sleeves.
·         Burgundy sweater, fleece jacket, V-neck vest or V-neck long sleeve pullover.
·         White or black socks that are visible.
·         Dress shoes must be solid black or brown.  All shoelaces are to be the same color as the shoes.
·         Gray dress slacks and white polo shirts are an acceptable option.

·         Gray (medium) or charcoal dress pants purchased from Martinelli’s, Schoolbelles or Schools Are Us only.  Cargo pants are not acceptable. Medium gray dress corduroy pants may be worn from October 1st until May 1st.
·         A black or brown belt should be worn at all times.  Boots (hiking or otherwise), are not permitted.
·         White dress shirt, short or long sleeve, or white polo shirt.
·         Burgundy sweater, fleece jacket, cardigan, V-neck vest, or V-neck long sleeve pullover.
·         White or black socks that are visible.
·         Dress shoes must be solid black or brown.

Gym Uniforms
On Gym Days, students wear the approved Gym Uniform.   From October 1st to May 1st, the uniform sweatsuit (Navy blue with white lettering) should be worn to school.
·         Uniform gym shorts/shirt may be worn under the sweats for Physical Education Classes.
·         White or black socks that are visible need to be worn on gym day.
·         Gym uniforms can be purchased at Martinelli’s or Schools R Us.
·         Adjustments will be made for weather as necessary.

Warm Weather Uniforms
·         Students will wear the official Queen of Martyrs t-shirts and shorts instead of their regular school uniform at the beginning and end of the school year.  Sweatpants and sweatshirts are not part of the “Warm Weather Uniform.”
·         Starting the first day of school, students are permitted to wear their warm weather uniform described above.  This would continue to be the case until notification comes from the school office.
·         At the end of the school year (sometime in May) notification from the school office would be sent home indicating that the warm weather uniform is permitted for the remainder of the year.

Dress Down Days
·         Dress Down Day occurs monthly.  If a student choses to participate, the cost is $1. 
·         Appropriate clothing is expected. 
·         Students who fail to dress in an acceptable way will either call home for a change in clothing or forfeit their right to participate in the next month’s Dress Down Day.