Queen of Martyrs Alumni Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund
As a school family, Queen of Martyrs depends on the generosity of our alumni and benefactors to continue to deliver a great Catholic education that focuses on the whole child: spirit, mind, and body. 

For the 2023/24 school year, one of our primary fundraising objectives is to raise $50,000+ for financial aid and scholarships for deserving students and their families. These funds are essential to allow Queen of Martyrs to partner with families who need assistance in making the financial sacrifice necessary for their children to receive a Catholic education. 

When you give to the Queen of Martyrs Alumni Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund, your support directly influences a student's life and strengthens our community for years to come. Your donation of any amount has a significant impact on today's generation of Queen of Martyrs students. 

CLICK HERE to donate to our Queen of Martyrs Alumni Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund

Queen of Martyrs First Responders Scholarship Fund
At Queen of Martyrs School, nearly half of our students have at least one parent who is a police officer, firefighter, EMT or nurse.  To honor their sacrifice to our community and commitment to Catholic Education, Queen of Martyrs School has established a First Responders Scholarship Fund. 

CLICK HERE to donate to our Queen of Martyrs First Responder Scholarship Fund

Phase II: Junior High Renovations
In summer of 2023, Queen of Martyrs completed renovations to our Primary Wing and upgrades to our classroom technology totally over $150,000. These upgrades were made possible through an EANS Grant, the support of the Wildcat Wheel, and the generosity of donors.

We are excited to announce Phase II: Renovations to the Junior High Wing. Renovations have already begun and will continue with work on the Junior High Science Lab, Hallway, and Breezeway.
CLICK HERE to donate to our Phase II: Junior High Renovations

If you are interested in supporting future projects, please email Principal Davidson at sdavidson@qmschool.com.

Queen of Martyrs Football Returns in Fall of 2024 (Grades 3-5)
With the return of Wildcat Football, the Queen of Martyrs Athletic Association is seeking donations for the purchase of new football helmets and equipment for the Fall of 2024.

With each donation of $100 or more, donors will receive a game used QM helmet. Supplies are limited!

What a perfect souvenir for any QM Football alum to put in their basement for all to see and reminisce about the glory days on the gridiron! Go Wildcats!

CLICK HERE to donate to QM Football

Other Ways to Support Queen of Martyrs 
Many families and alumni choose to support Queen of Martyrs School through gifts in addition to direct donations.

Please contact Principal, Mr. Stephen Davidson at sdavidson@qmschool.com if you are interested in supporting Queen of Martyrs School through:

  • Gifts in kind 

  • Matching gifts through an employer/corporation 

  • Stock donations 

  • Establishing scholarships or gifts in memory or honor of an individual or loved one

  • Estate planning