Resource Program

Queen of Martyrs Catholic School Resource Program

Program Coordinator: Debra Murray
What is a resource program?

At Queen of Martyrs School our mission is to serve our students by educating the whole child through a balanced program which serves students physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. We know that students learn in diverse ways and some students may require accommodations to achieve academic excellence. At times, a student's learning needs are difficult to meet completely in the classroom setting. Our resource program provides a comfortable learning environment which affords the opportunity of one-to-one or small group interaction with Mrs. Murray, our resource teacher.

Our resource program provides students with assistance in developing strategies which allow them to learn through their strengths. The program is a partnership with students, parents, and grade level teachers as we work together to identify areas of need, provide support and resources, develop a course of action and monitor progress.      

What are the goals of the program?

  • For students to gain confidence in their abilities and willingness to  participate and contribute  in their classrooms.

  • To  reinforce an appreciation of individual differences as adaptive and complementary within a community of learners.

  • To adopt an awareness of their own learning style(s) and empower them with  accessible learning strategies that work for them.

  • Develop self-advocacy skills that will transfer to higher education settings.

  • Create an atmosphere in which parents and teachers work collaboratively with students to maximize learning and personal growth.

How does the program adapt to students in various grade levels?

In Kindergarten through 4th Grade, Mrs. Murray works with students to help develop basic reading and math skills including: 

  • Decoding skills

  • Sight word knowledge

  • Reading fluency   

  • Comprehension skills

  • Study skills    

  • Writing skills used in relation to reading

  • Number sense

  • Operations: addition/subtraction/multiplication/division

  • Place value

  • Fractions and Decimals

  • Story/word problems

  • Geometrical concepts

In 5th through 8th grade the emphasis shifts to working with students on how to learn.  The goal is to adequately prepare students for the rigor of college preparatory high schools.

Our Resource Program helps students with reading comprehension, executive functioning skills, and mathematical concepts.  

  • Reading comprehension teaches students applicable strategies to improve their understanding of informational and fictional texts. 

  • Executive functioning skills help students prepare for tests, organize notes and materials and create timelines and outlines to better plan for and complete projects.   

  • Challenging mathematical concepts are reviewed and foundational skills such multi-digit operations, fractions and decimals are emphasized. 

How are students referred to the resource program?

Teachers meet regularly in problem-solving teams with the resource teacher to discuss students about whom they have concerns. Problems are identified and various solutions and strategies are implemented and monitored. Students may be recommended by their grade level teacher to meet with the resource teacher regularly. i-Ready scores are also considered in the referral process. Parents will be notified prior to a student’s participation in the resource program.  

What services are provided if a student has an IEP, 504 or service plan?

Students with IEPs, 504 plans, service plans, and/or neuro-psychological evaluations may be referred for participation in the program. At Queen of Martyrs, all students with a service plan will receive an Individual Catholic Support Plan (ICSP) notating the services and accommodations that we are able to provide.  Parents will receive a copy of the student’s ICSP. 

Queen of Martyrs works with student service plans to develop an ICSP that can provide students with the following accommodations:

  • One on one or small group intervention (typically 1-3 times per week)

  • Extended time on tests as requested

  • Alternate setting for testing as requested

  • Read exam

  • Seating near teacher to minimize distractions

  • Use of graphic organizers

  • Breaking larger assignments into smaller chunks

  • Study guides provided

  • Frequent checks for understanding

  • Checking assignment notebooks (grade level or resource teacher)

In certain cases, parents are encouraged to seek further professional assessment either by Evergreen Park District 124 or an outside professional, such as a neuro-psychologist. After results of that evaluation process are received in written form, a parent/school team meeting is convened to implement an intervention/accommodation (ICSP) plan based on the findings and recommendations.

Once a student receives a new or updated plan, our resource teacher will meet with parents to discuss.  Queen of Martyrs works with families and D124 for evaluations and renewals.  Additionally, Evergreen Park D124 also provides speech and language services at Queen of Martyrs School to those students who qualify.

Parents with any questions about our Resource Program may reach out to our Principal, Mr. Stephen Davidson at or Mrs. Murray at