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(708) 422-1540
Father Benedykt Pazdan
(708) 422-1540
Stephen Davidson
(708) 422-1540
Peggy Bischoff
PreK Teacher Aide
Nick Boehm
PE / Computers
Ken Churilla
Director of Marketing
Patricia Dart
5th Grade
Gina DiCola
4th Grade
Lisa Gagner
1st Grade
Margaret Gruener
6th Grade
Beth Guerrero
PreK 3-year-olds
Renee Hannigan
PreK Teacher Aide
Patricia Jackson
Administrative Asst
Samantha Lewis
2nd Grade
Carolyn McDonough
Extended Day Program
Riley McGreal
3rd Grade
Sandy Melant
Administrative Assistant
(708) 422-1540
Michelle Mohr
7th Grade
Debra Murray
Resource Teacher
Meagan O’Connor-Roossien
Admissions Officer