Junior High Science Lab

Queen of Martyrs is excited to share the completion of work on the Junior High Science Lab, Breezeway, and Hallways. The work was completed during Christmas vacation and is part of the second phase of renovations announced in the fall after the completion of renovations to the primary wing and classrooms. 

The renovations included: 

  • New windows, exterior siding, and interior walls to the Junior High Breezeway.
  • New paint, carpet, and drop ceiling in the first and second floor hallways of the Junior High Wing.
  • New paint, flooring, and drop ceiling to the Junior High Science Lab.
  • New whiteboards and an 85” Promethean Interactive Smart Board in the Science lab.

“Our students and teachers are excited about  these recent upgrades and the positive impact it will have in our Junior High classrooms," stated Principal Davidson. "Father Benedykt, the School Board, and I look forward to continued planning  and fundraising to complete the upgrades to the Junior High Wing in the near future."

 Queen of Martyrs School is planning a Spring Gala to support the school and future renovations this spring on Sunday, April 14th at Bourbon Street from 1:00-5:00pm.  The event will include music, entertainment, food, drinks, raffles, and more.  Be sure to Save the Date!